William Hill Casino

Playing online casino games is a comfortable way to pass the time and there is no better casino than the William Hill Casino. On this online casino you can play an assortment of games whether it is on your iPhone, Windows phone or Android powered device. Many players will look for an app download or a mobile app so that they can play their favourite casino game from the comfort of their own home or office. More and more people are starting to use online casinos than actually paying at a land based casino, it is more comfortable and private and you will not need to wait in line to play your favourite game.

William Hill Casino was last reviewed by on the and received a rating of 7.2/10

Is there a mobile app download of William Hill Casino for Android devices?

Because more and more people have started playing online casino games, many of the casinos have developed mobile versions of their casino to make it accessible to a lot more players. Many people believe that you need a laptop or computer to play online but that has dramatically changed when they created their mobile versions. William Hill Casino is no different and you can easily play via the Android casino app.

How do I play games in William Hill Casino without download?

Even though William Hill casino does not offer an Android or iOS app you do not have to feel disappointed. You will still be able to join in on the fun by playing it through your device’s browser. Simply visit the website and add it to your home screen. You can easily click join and after signing up you will be on your way to play an exciting casino game. You can play for real money and play money through your browser. Although there are many casino apps available in the Google Play Store or iTunes, you will not be able to play for real money because it is against Google policy but you can do so through the casino itself, whether you are using an Android or iOS device.

Can I download the William Hill Casino App on my Windows Phone and Windows 10?

Unfortunately William Hill Casino does not offer a downloadable app for Windows Phones, you can however use all the browsers such as Chrome, Edge, and Firefox etc to play the online casino. Windows Phone users can easily play using the browser on their phone to use the mobile version of the casino regardless of the type of Windows phone they are using.

The alternative to an app for online casinos

Because William Hill Casino does not have an app that is available to download there is still a mobile version that can be used for those that do not have a computer. It is easily accessible on your device and you will still be able to have all the enjoyment that a desktop version may bring. You can play for real and play money through the mobile site as it is still played in real time.

Can I play slots on my Smartphone?

You can definitely play slots on your smartphone. If you just want to play for fun and not for real money, you can easily look through the store available on your smartphone (iTunes or Google Play Store), there are a huge number of slots available for download that you can play. The slots that you will find there are solely for fun and cannot in any way let users play for real money. To play casino slots online for real money you will need to play directly through your device browser on the casinos mobile version.

Can I play roulette and Blackjack on my phone?

There are many downloads available for your phone to play these games but if you are looking for Roulette and Blackjack games that you can play in real time and for real money you will need to go to the mobile version of William Hill Casino.

Can I play William Hill Casino Live Casino through an app or mobile version?

Online casinos are not obligated to create a downloadable app. Most casinos then opt for the next best thing and that is a mobile version. William Hill Casino is one of the casinos that offer a Live Casino but only through the desktop and mobile versions. They have not developed a downloadable app yet for any platform.

How does William Hill Casino’s bonus work?

You may have started wondering how the bonus may work and if it is at all any different if you are playing the desktop version or the mobile version – there is no difference.

Questions about William Hill Casino Mobile Version:

Can I use the William Hill Casino App on my Smart TV?

If you have your computer linked to your Smart TV you could play the online casino and use your smart TV as your screen. Other than that you need certain software and a browser to access the casino.

How do I deposit and withdraw?

Depositing and withdrawing is done remotely. All you will need is your username and password and either you’re banking details or your credit card if you want to make deposits. All that is needed for withdrawals are your banking details.

Are all casino games available for mobile users?

Yes, Most of the games on the desktop site will be available for mobile version users.

Can you play for real money in William Hill Casino?

You have a choice to play with real or play money. To play for real money you will need to deposit real money.

Rating of the Mobile site of William Hill Casino

The mobile site is pretty much the same as the desktop version, besides the fact that the screen may be a different size and the gaming controls may be different. The graphics and gameplay is practically the same.

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