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Unibet Casino is a renowned Swedish company that has been in the online gambling business for almost two decades. From online slots to classic table games and many other online casino games, Unibet Casino has got you covered. The casino offers great bonuses to first-time users and regulars as well. Over the years, it has developed a number of mobile apps that can be used on the Android phone, the iPhone and the Windows phone. These apps give users access to the online games that Unibet offers via their smart devices. Each mobile app has a specific purpose and takes the online betting experience to a whole new level. Unibet’s official website has clear instructions on how each app download is done and which devices the apps are compatible with.

Unibet Casino was last reviewed by on the and received a rating of 8.7/10

Unibet Casino Mobile App download for Android phones

If you have an android phone or any android device for that matter, you have the option of playing using the mobile version of the Unibet Casino website. The website is optimised for android phones and you can therefore enjoy the full Unibet experience using your phone—from playing games to placing bets and even contacting customer support if you need to. It is user-friendly and navigating through it is therefore very easy. This makes things much easier for you as you may not always have access to a computer. And to top it all off, you qualify for some special bonuses just by using your android device to play and bet. Thanks to the mobile version, you can play a wide range of casino games on the go.

Downloading Unibet Casino Android App–step-by-step

  • Visit Unibet Casino’s official website.
  • Log in to the platform if you already have an account. The log in tab is at the top right corner of the home page.
  • Sign up to Unibet Casino if you do not have an account. The sign in option is also at the top right corner of the home page.
  • Click on the Apps tab, which is also on the top right corner, right below right below the log in tab.
  • Only two apps are available for Android devices; the Unibet Sports Betting app and the Unibet Poker app.
  • Click on the app you would like to download. You will get a web address to enter in your mobile browser.
  • Once the download is complete, follow the steps given to install it.

App Download for iOS – iPhone and iPad

If you are using an iOS device, you can use the mobile version of the Unibet Casino website. The website is optimised for iOS devices and therefore, you will not miss out on anything simply because you are using your iPhone or iPad. Thanks to this mobile version, you can play any game you wish to play, download apps and even place bets on the go. You will also get bonuses from time to time if you use your mobile device to play.

Download Unibet Casino App for iPhone/iPad – step-by-step

  • Go to Unibet Casino’s official website.
  • Log in to Unibet Casino if you have an account with Unibet.
  • Sign up for a Unibet account if you do not already have one.
  • Click on the Apps tab on the top right corner of the home page.
  • You can either download the Unibet Sports Betting app, the Unibet BETUP, the Unibet Casino app, the Unibet Poker app or the Unibet Live Casino app.
  • Choose the app you wish to download.
  • You will be directed to the Apple app store where you can download the iOS app.
  • Once the download is complete, follow the steps given to install it.
  • Alternatively, you can go to the app store, search for the app you are interested in downloading and download it directly from there.

Downloading Unibet Casino App for Windows Phone and Windows 10

The Unibet Casino website also has a mobile version that is compatible with Windows phones. Since there is currently no app available for Windows phones, this is the only way users of these devices can play the Unibet Casino games. The mobile version is, however, very user friendly and will give you just as good an experience as the Unibet Casino mobile app. Users of devices running on Windows 10 can access the Unibet Casino website using any browser including Edge, Firefox and Chrome among others.

Unibet Casino Mobile Website

If your mobile device is running on any other operating system for which no mobile apps have been developed, fret not. The mobile website is a great way for you to access the casino and play, place bets, contact customer support in case you have any inquiries, interact with other members of the Unibet community, view special offers and even get information about responsible gaming. The mobile website is also a great alternative for anyone who prefers not to download the Unibet mobile for whatever reasons. It could be that your device memory is full or that you simply do not want to download the app. Unibet Casino has you covered whatever the case.

Are there Any Slots Available for Smartphones?

There are many slots available for smartphones at Unibet Casino. Some are available for both android and iOS devices while others are only available for iOS devices. These games can be played through the Unibet Casino mobile app. The slots available for smartphones include Mermaid Millions, Blackjack, Roulette, Tomb Rider, Dragons Fortune, Thunder Struck and Mega Moolah among others. The full list of the slots available for smartphones can be found on the Unibet Casino website. Users of devices running on other operating systems such as Windows can play slot games on the mobile version of the Unibet Casino website.

Is it Possible to Play Roulette and Blackjack on Your Phone?

It is possible to play Roulette and Blackjack on your phone, thanks to the Unibet Live casino-apps, although this is only available for iOS devices. But if you do not own an iPad or an iPhone, do not worry because the Unibet Casino mobile website makes it possible for you to play Roulette and Blackjack regardless of your device’s operating system. The Unibet Live Casino app and mobile website and regularly updated and improved to make your experience better each time you play. Depending on what you prefer, you can either play Live Roulette – Royale or Live Roulette – Grande. There is also Live Blackjack – Royale and Live Blackjack – Grande. The difference between Royale and Grande is in the amounts you stand to win when you play these games.

Is Unibet Live Casino available in the App, or in the mobile version of the website?

Unibet Live Casino is available in both the app and the mobile version of the website. The app is only available for iOS devices and Unibet has therefore made it possible for users of devices that run on other operating systems to access the Unibet Live Casino through the mobile version of the website. The mobile version of the website is optimised for all operating systems, making the live casino experience simply amazing. Both the app and the mobile version of the website are user-friendly and you will not have a difficult time navigating through them and playing live casino games.

Unibet Casino Mobile Casino Bonus (Is there a separate bonus for mobile users? Does the regular casino bonus apply for mobile users?)

Although mobile users still get to enjoy the same bonuses as users of PCs, for example, the £200 registration bonus, there are some special bonuses that are only for mobile users. Unibet Casino sometimes offers a special mobile Unibet promo code that gives mobile users a £10 bonus when they play or place bets using their mobile devices. On top of that, there are also special weekly and monthly bonuses available for Unibet Casino mobile users. This gives mobile users an upper hand over PC users.

Unibet Casino App or Mobile version: Questions and answers.

Can I use the Unibet Casino App on my Smart TV?

As of now, it is not possible to use the Unibet Casino App on your Smart TV. The Unibet Casino App is only available for iOS devices.

How can customers deposit or withdraw with Unibet Casino App or Mobile website?

Customers can deposit money into their Unibet account and withdraw money from it through the Unibet Casino App.To do this, click on the My Account tab on the Unibet Casino App. This will give you a range of options of how you would like to deposit money into your Unibet account or withdraw from it. You can either user your debit card, credit card or various local payment providers. The credit or debit card must be issued in your own name. You cannot use someone else’s credit card to deposit money into your Unibet account. The steps are easy to follow; just ensure you enter all your details correctly to avoid any mishaps or delays. If you do everything right, your deposit will be reflected in your account in a couple of minutes. You can also withdraw money from your account pretty fast. This can take anything from 1 minute to 3 hours.

It is also possible to deposit money into your Unibet account and withdraw from it through the mobile website if you are using an Android or iOS device. Under My Account, you will see a range of payment options including debit and credit card. Input all the information requested and within no time, your transaction will be complete.

Are all casino games available for mobile users?

All games offered by Unibet Casino are available for mobile users either through downloading the apps or using the mobile version of the Unibet Casino website. However, there are games that are only available for iOS device users. Some of these include Gonzo Quest, Black Hammer, Subtopia, Victorious and Flowers to name but a few. The full list can be viewed on the Unibet Casino website.

Is the Unibet Casino App secure and free for download?

The Unibet Casino app is absolutely free for download. All you need is a good internet connection and you will be good to go. It is also very secure as Unibet Casino keeps up to date on the latest internet security measures. The regular updates it provides ensure that there are no loopholes in the security of the application. There is no chance that you will end up with a virus on your device because you downloaded the Unibet Casino app.

Can customers play for real money with Unibet Casino APK?

Since Google prohibits gambling with real money, customers cannot play for real money with Unibet Casino APK. They can only play for money on the Unibet Casino website and the Unibet mobile apps.

What is the difference between App and APK?

App is short for application and this is a program or software that can be downloaded on a device to perform a particular function. The Unibet Casino-apps are for playing games and placing bets among other things. APK, on the other hand, stands for Android Package Kit and is file format used by android devices for distribution and installation of android apps. An APK can only be installed in an android device.

Rating of the App and Mobile site of Unibet Casino

The Unibet Casino App and mobile site have received different ratings from users on various review sites. The lowest average rating they have received is 4 out of 5 stars and this is evidence that the users of the app and mobile site are happy with the services they receive. Many users are happy with the betting odds provided by Unibet Casino and were able to win big. They also loved the experience of using the app and the mobile site of Unibet Casino due to its user-friendliness and ease of navigation. Another reason why they have received such a high rating is the security of both the mobile site and Unibet Casino app. The users were able to carry out their transaction seamlessly and had a great experience altogether.

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