It is easier than ever to bring the world-class online casino LeoVegas to your mobile phone or tablet for gaming on the go. LeoVegas offers an app download for iPhone and Android and you can also access the LeoVegas website through smartphone browsers, including on Windows Phone. Take advantage of the LeoVegas renowned casino games, bonus offers and lightning fast payout of winnings now.

LeoVegas was last reviewed by on the and received a rating of 7.2/10

Apps for Android


One way to play with LeoVegas is to go to the mobile version of the LeoVegas.com website using the browser on your Android phone.

  1. Open the web browser on your phone
  2. Go to LeoVegas
  3. Start gaming!

You can also download the LeoVegas casino app for Android phones, available from the support section of the LeoVegas.com website. It is very straightforward to set up:

  1. Android’s default settings mean you cannot automatically install applications from outside Google Play so you must first tell your phone it can accept applications from outside Google Play. Luckily this is really simple.
  2. You can switch this on by going to Menu > Settings > Security > Unknown Sources.
  3. Once that is done you can to go the LeoVegas website from your Android phone’s web browser and navigate to the support section, where you will be pointed to the latest version of the Android Apk.

Alternatively and probably the better option is to visit the Google Play Store and install directly from there.

LeoVegas for iOS devices

One trouble-free way to play with LeoVegas is to go to the online casino on your browser, whether on iPhone or iPad.

  1. Open the web browser on your phone
  2. Go to LeoVegas
  3. Start gaming!

You can also download the LeoVegas casino app for iOS.

  1. There is a link on the LeoVegas website or you can also find it directly in the App Store by searching for LeoVegas.
  2. Once you are on the app’s page in the App Store or on iTunes, click the ‘Get’ button and type in your password to start the download.
  3. The app should now automatically download and install – you can play it once the icon is in full colour on your screen and the loading bar has gone.

Mobile gaming with Windows Phone and Windows 10

All Windows phone users can go to the mobile version of the LeoVegas website using their phone’s web browser. The same is true for Windows 10 users, whatever the browser. Simply go to the LeoVegas website and you will be able to join in with the online casino straight away.

  1. Open the web browser on your phone
  2. Go to LeoVegas
  3. Start gaming!

There is also the LeoVegas Casino – Roulette Blackjack Jackpot Slot App which can be downloaded via the Microsoft/Windows App store and has the same functionality as the desktop site.

The LeoVegas mobile website – easy access for all mobile gamers

If you cannot find an app for your device or you prefer not to download apps on your mobile device, then you can, of course, use the LeoVegas website with your phone or tablet’s mobile browser. The mobile version of the website has been designed to work well whatever you are using, wherever you are.

  1. Open the web browser on your phone
  2. Go to LeoVegas
  3. Start gaming!

Are there any slots available for smartphones?

Of course. Smartphone owners can play LeoVegas games on the mobile site by simply going to the website using their mobile browser. If they have an iOS device or an Android phone, there are specific apps available for those products which can be used as well. Most of our games are available on smartphones, including slots.

Is it possible to play Roulette and Black Jack on your phone?

It is easier than ever to play casino games online with the LeoVegas mobile casino apps. Users can simply use their mobile browser to access the full suite of games at LeoVegas. Alternatively, iPhone users can download an iOS app, while Android users can download the Android app.

Is LeoVegas Live Casino available in the App, or in the mobile version of the website?

Now you can enjoy live casino games wherever you are – and this includes the app and on the mobile version of the website. We always do our best to make sure all of our games are available on as many devices as possible. If a game is not in an app, it will almost certainly be accessible through the mobile website.

How do LeoVegas casino bonuses work on mobile

We have lots of bonuses at LeoVegas and rest assured you do not miss out on any of them on mobile. Our bonuses all work in different ways, so please check out our Promotions section for more information.

LeoVegas App or Mobile version: Quickfire questions and answers

Can I use the LeoVegas App on my Smart TV?

There are a wide range of Smart TVs available, but generally speaking, if you can access a web browser through your Smart TV then you will be able to navigate to the LeoVegas website and access the full range of services there.

How can customers deposit or withdraw with the LeoVegas App or Mobile website?

Once you have set up all your documentation so that you are verified to make withdrawals to your chosen payment method, customers can withdraw and deposit on mobile or apps in exactly the same ways as through the full website.

Are all casino games available for mobile users?

We strive to make as many games available as possible to all users. In fact, LeoVegas began life as a mobile app and so understands the importance of the mobile experience for online gaming. The vast majority of our titles are available on apps, mobile and desktop, but due to different device requirements, some might be only on desktop or desktop and mobile browsers.

Is the LeoVegas App secure and free for download?

LeoVegas uses a 2048 bit SSL certificate from DigiCert to guarantee safe games on the web as well as on mobile phones. This prevents outsiders from intercepting our communication between players and their computers and phones. The apps are free to download.

Can customers play for real money with LeoVegas Apk?

Yes, absolutely. Whether from installing Google Play store – or the LeoVegas website.

What is the difference between App and Apk?

The only essential difference is that the App Store or iTunes apps are for Apple products such as iPhone and iPad, while the Apk is for Android devices.

Rating of the App and Mobile site of LeoVegas

If you are wondering how much people enjoy playing, LeoVegas has won a number of awards since it first launched, applauding our approach to innovation, gaming and responsible gambling, and you can also check out the reviews on the App Store.

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