The use of smartphones to carry out tasks which were initially only possible on computers has since evolved and people can carry their mobile phones to function as small PC in terms of functionality. This revolution has seen many businesses embrace the use of mobile apps where customers can access their services while on-the-go. Casumo has incorporated the use of mobile apps which provide clients with a platform where they can for app download for their iPhone and Android phones. Many clients prefer using mobile apps so as to have an easy access and notification to betting markets regardless of their locations. These apps are free to download from the platforms provided by the betting company.

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Casumo Mobile App Download For Android Phones

Android powered devices are some of the most excessively used gadgets in the smartphone world and Casumo has realised the usefulness of Android apps by providing users with a chance of downloading it to their phones. Gamblers can now enjoy betting at Casumo straight from their mobile phones using graphically-rich Android phones. All games available on the main site have all been integrated on the Android app and clients can get live updates and contact the support from the Android app. The process of downloading the Android App is easy and takes only a few minutes to have the app running on your phone.

Downloading Casumo Android App

Google Play allows download of Casino Apk on their platform and hence users can download an Apk file which functions in a similar way as the common app. The following steps will help you have the Android app installed on your phone.

  • Go to your phone settings and ‘allow unknown applications’ to allow installation of the Apk file.
  • Visit Google Play and search for Casumo Casino app
  • Tab on the ‘install app’ to download the app to your phone.
  • Go to downloads and find the downloaded and tab it.
  • The app will be downloaded to your phone ready for use.

Casumo App Download For iOS – iPhone and iPad

There are many gamblers who prefer using iOS powered devices as opposed to Android. Casumo has these customers catered for by provision of iOS app which can be used by clients on the iPhone and iPad gadgets. The games available on the iOS app are similar to those which are on Casumo main site and clients get to experience rich graphics, fast and easy to use app to bet on their favourite games.

Download Casumo App For iPhone / iPad

The process of downloading the iOS app is easy and can be done within a few minutes. The merit of having an iOS powered device is that you can have access to gambling apps from Apple Store. The following steps will help you in installing the iOS app on your phone.

You can download the Casumo app straight from Apple Store through iTunes by following these easy steps.

  • Visit iTunes from your iOS powered device.
  • Tap the Apple Store icon and search for Casumo app.
  • Tap on the Casumo app to download on your phone memory.
  • Visit the ‘Downloads’ folder and install the downloaded app to your phone.
  • You can start betting right away after the app has completed installing on your phone.

Casumo App for Windows Phone and Windows 10

The use of Windows phones has been common in the present day and many users prefer using Windows phone rather than iOS and Android powered device. Windows 10, which is the latest, can be used to access Casumo main site and bet on your favourite games. Users can also visit the Mobile version through their Windows phone and Windows 10 from their mobile devices, however, there is no Windows app. All browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari and Opera are supported by Windows phones and Windows 10.

Casumo Mobile Website

If for some reason you experience problems installing the available Casumo apps on your phone or your mobile device does not support the available apps, you can choose the Casumo mobile site to use on your phone. Other users do not like to download app on their phones if their devices slow down for running many apps. Using Casumo mobile site will give you access to all the games available on the main site as well as the chance to get live results and support on the mobile site. The graphics of the mobile site are as clear as using your desktop and you have the chance to use multiple services at once without interrupting the running games.

Are There Any Slots Available To Play Using Smartphones?

The use the mobile site incorporates many games which are available on the Casumo main site. Players can find various slots which they can play on from their smartphones and enjoy the same experience as using their desktops. To have a great experience playing on slots from your mobile phone, you need to ensure that you have a fast working smartphone and a stable internet connection to avoid having your games lost due to slow internet or a hanging phone.

Is It Possible To Play Roulette and Blackjack On Your Phone At Casumo?

Clients can play on Blackjack and Roulette on their phones at Casumo either by the use of the available apps or using the mobile site. You can play on these popular games while on-the-go and have live results delivered on your phone.

Is Casumo Live Casino Available In The App, Or In The Mobile Version Of The Website?

Players can have access to Casumo live casino on their mobile phones either via the mobile site or apps. This allows mobile phone users to enjoy the same privileges as those who play on their desktops. It is easy to participate in a live casino while on-the-go on your smartphone phone but you have to ensure that you have a stable internet connection so as not to lose a seat on the live events.

Casumo Mobile Casino Bonus

Casumo offers various bonuses in the form of free spins or cash to encourage more clients to sign for their betting services and to continue being loyal customers on their site. There is no separate bonus for mobile users and all players are treated the same way regardless of the platform they are using to place bet. The regular bonus offered by Casumo on their main site also applies to clients who use their mobile phones to place their bets.

Casumo App or Mobile Version: Questions and Answers.

Can I use the Casumo App on my Smart TV?

Gamblers can use their smart TVs if they are running on Android to bet on Casumo games from the comfort of their homes or offices and experience the same experience as enjoyed by other Android users.

How can customers deposit or withdraw with Casumo App or Mobile Website?

Clients can experience the same privileges of depositing or withdrawing using the mobile version or apps as enjoyed by desktop users. The process of funding your account is easy and only takes a few minutes to have your money reflected on your personal account. The first step should be to log into your Casumo account with your credentials and head to the payment area. Choose your preferred online payment method to either deposit or withdraw funds to your bank or e-wallet account. The process will take you only a few minutes as the process is fast and simple to understand.

Are all casino games available for mobile users?

All casino games available on the main site are duplicated to the mobile site and apps to make it possible for all users on the mobile platforms to enjoy the same number of games as those who use their desktops. Using your mobile phone to bet on casino games is easy and users do not have any difficulties navigating through the mobile site and apps as the layout is well crafted and high-quality graphics which allow players to see every detail of the games which they are betting on.

Is the Casumo App secure and free for download?

Casumo offers free apps to their clients without any hidden charges. This encourages more clients to download the apps and enable them to play at anytime from anywhere using their mobile devices. These apps, however, many contain ads which many clients do not like. The apps are secure so as to safeguard both the clients and the company. A casino company handles a lot of money and personal information, which includes bank accounts and credit card numbers. Clients who use Casumo apps can expect to have their personal information safeguarded from access by third parties. The apps are checked from time to time to ensure that there are no loopholes for hackers who can tamper with the normal functioning of the company or steal any private data from clients.

Can customers play for real money with Casumo Apk?

Customers who have downloaded Casumo Apk can play on virtual games to try their experience before engaging in playing real games. Clients have the opportunity to use Casumo Apk to play for real money directly from their mobile phones with a secure and fast platform.

What is the difference between App and Apk?

There are various differences between an App and Apk, although there have a similarity in their functionality. An app is any application that can be downloaded and installed on various powered devices while an Apk can only be installed on Android powered devices. An Apk is used like a downloadable file to be installed on a device as an app. Unlike an app, downloading an Apk can be done directly for the company’s site without being redirected to Google Play or App Store where you will be required to sign up or sign in to download the file. This, therefore, makes it easy to download an Apk file faster than an app. An Apk cannot be downloaded directly to your device without allowing the downloading of files from unknown sources from your phone settings. Users must also be careful not to download Apk files from sites which they do not trust as they may contain virus which may harm their mobile devices or have their personal data accessed by third parties.

Rating of the App/Apk and Mobile site of Casumo

The apps or Apk files and mobile site of Casumo provided an easy to navigate platform for users who specialise on betting from their mobile phones. The rich graphics and display of the apps and mobile site makes it possible for gamblers to have a great platform for placing their bets.

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