BetVictor Casino

BetVictor Casino has just launched their new mobile App. The App is available on all Android smartphones, including Windows phones, and Apple devices. This new innovating app will make the world of betting more accessible and easier to keep up with. It is enabled with a notification option so that you can stay informed even when you are not in the app or on the site. BetVictor’s designers have made the casino app easy to navigate through and fun to play on. The BetVictor app is available for download on the BetVictor official site and on the iStore.

BetVictor Casino was last reviewed by on the and received a rating of 8.4/10

The BetVictor Casino App for Android devices

The Android casino app is fairly new since there were some problems prior but everything has been resolved and it is ready to go. The mobile version of the BetVictor official website is compatible with android devices so this the alternative or backup if the problems resurface. It is just as good as the app and can be accessed at any time.

Instructions for downloading the Android App

  • The Android app is available for download on the BetVictor official website. Once on the website you will see the app download button, click on it to begin the downloading process.
  • Permission might be needed to begin downloading the app. Go to settings, click on security turn on and then click unknown sources box.
  • Launch the app from your downloads folder and click on install when prompted to do so. Follow the easy instructions given.
  • The App will be installed and ready to use.

The BetVictor Casino App for Apple devices

The BetVictor casino app for iOS devices is available on the iStore. The mobile site is also compatible with all apple devices.

Instructions for downloading the App

  • Search for BetVictor Casino Mobile App in the iStore search bar. It should come up immediately
  • Click to download the app. It will start downloading immediately.
  • The BetVictor icon will be on your phone, click on it and start the installation process. All instructions will be given to you step-by-step.

The BetVictor Casino App for Windows Phones

BetVictor have developed a casino app  for Windows phones and tablets. The mobile site is compatible with most windows browsers such as Edge, Chrome and Firefox.

Instructions for downloading

  • Find the download link on the BetVictor website and click on it to start the downloading process.
  • You may be asked to verify security settings. Please follow instructions on screen
  • Launch the app from the download folder on your device. There will be a prompt on screen to start installing, click on it.
  • The installation instructions will be given to you through every step of the process.

The mobile website of BetVictor Casino

We are aware that some customers would not like to download the app so the mobile site has been made available. It is compatible with all phones and all most web browsers. There are no complications and no downloading required. The site is quite similar to the app just with fewer features and capabilities. The speed of the site is completely dependent on your internet speed and connectivity. The mobile site is a happy alternative to the app for those who prefer to use it.

The mobile site of BetVictor: Play slots on the go

BetVictor is one of the few betting companies that have made slots available on your smartphone. This is a fairly new function but it was in high demand so we did our best to provide it to the customer. You will need a credit card to play; the money will need to be transferred and will be changed into slots currency. After this you will be able to play as you normally would in the casino only you will be in the comfort of your home, office or wherever you choose.

BlackJack and Roulette on your smartphone

These are the most popular games at the casino apart from slots. The BetVictor app has made these games available to the everyday person. The games are easily accessible and easy to use. There are tutorials available to prevent any confusion that might occur. Your favourite games are now readily able to play at the touch of your fingers.

The Live Casino of BetVictor

The live casino allows you to be part of the casino goings on without actually being in the casino. This functionality is available on the app and it has been made to be as realistic as possible so you can be included in the casino world. This new functionality is something to be experienced by all casino goers.

The mobile casino bonus of BetVictor Casino

There are bonuses available for the app users including a once off bonus when you sign up with the app. These bonuses change seasonally but the website will keep you informed of any new developments in this area. The BetVictor mobile app does provide bonuses for poker, slots and there are even casino bonuses. The usage of the app defiantly has its benefits.

Questions and answers regarding BetVictor Casino:

Can I use the BetVictor Casino App on my smart TV?

Yes. The App is capable with all smart devices as long as it has access to the internet.

How can customers deposit or withdraw with BetVictor Casino App or Mobile website?

Deposits can be made via credit card and then you would decide on the amount you would like to use. All money won will be credited to you or you would be able to withdraw it from our Casinos.

Are all casino games available for mobile users?

Not all games are made available for the mobile users; there are some that are strictly available at the casino. Please visit the site to find out which games you are able to play via the app.

Is the BetVictor Casino app secure and free to download?

The app is very secure and the BetVictor team are always working to provide added security and find new ways to give you peace of mind. Unfortunately the app is not free; prices will differ based on the area.

Can customers play for real money?

Yes, most games allow for real money options.

What is the difference between the BetVictor Casino App and the APK?

There is not much difference between the two but the functionality on the app is slightly better.

What is the rating of the App and mobile site?

4 and a half stars. Both the app and the mobile site have great usage capabilities there are very few faults on either however the app does have slightly better functionality and it is easier to use that the mobile site. The site in its own right is very good in its own category.

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